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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Dialup Plans Personal Dialup $19.95 per month Business Dialup $24.95 per month Business ISDN 128K $39.95 per month Dedicated 24 hr dialup $74.95 per month Hosting Plans Host your site with Iccom and take advantage of our state-of-the-art servers, robust network, and our team of experts. Iccom gives you the power and reliability you need to be successful on the Web. Select from a variety of hosting plans: Starter Plan $17.95 per month Bronze Plan $19.95 per month Silver Plan $39.95 per month Gold Plan $99.95 per month Bronze Windows. 2000 $19.95 per month Silver Windows. 2000 $39.95 per month Gold Windows. 2000 $99.95 per month Iccom's Web hosting plans offer you: Availability - Get started quickly. Reliability - Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.* Confidentiality - Your files are secure with us. Throughput - Your pages come up quickly for your visitors. Scalability - You can upgrade your account as you grow. 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Save 17% and buy a full year for $999.50. $100 set-up fee Free High Capacity for medium to large businesses 20 GB of monthly data transfer 500 MB diskspace Enough room for video, audio, multimedia presentations, and more! 100 configurable e-mail accounts Unlimited mail forwards 100 autoresponders See full list of features Harness the power of Windows. 2000 Microsoft FrontPage Extensions SQL 7.0 support (optional) Visual Basic scripting ASP support Total control of your account Use your own software to build and publish your site Microsoft FrontPage Extensions Use your own CGI scripts Upgrade your account at any time World-class support Technical support by phone or email Knowledgeable support staff Extensive documentation Talk to a real person Web Hosting Plan Comparison Sheet (Unix) Product Starter Bronze Silver Gold Monthly 17.95 19.95 39.95 99.95 3 Month 53.85 59.85 119.85 299.85 6 Month 99.95 109.75 219.75 549.75 12 Month 99.95 199.50 399.50 999.50 Email Services Starter Bronze Silver Gold POP3 / IMAP Accounts 5 20 40 100 Email Storage (Mb) 50 100 200 400 Web Email Yes Yes Yes Yes APOP Yes Yes Yes Yes Email Forward Yes Yes Yes Yes Roaming Email Support -- Yes Yes Yes RPOP Service -- 40 80 200 Mailing Lists -- 2 10 20 Domain Aliases -- 3 5 10 Technical Features Starter Bronze Silver Gold Data Transfer 1000 3000 7000 20000 * Data transfer over usage (price-per Mb) = 0.03 * Disk Storage (Mb) 50 100 200 500 Domain Name Registration Yes Yes Yes Yes Apache Web Server Yes Yes Yes Yes FrontPage 2002 Yes Yes Yes Yes Server Side Include Yes Yes Yes Yes IP Base Hosting -- Yes Yes Yes SSL Private Cert -- Option Option Option MS SQL 7.0 -- Option Option Option CGI Scripts Starter Bronze Silver Gold Local CGI-BIN Yes Yes Yes Yes Form Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes Guest Book Yes Yes Yes Yes Page Access Counter Yes Yes Yes Yes Random Link Generator Yes Yes Yes Yes Perl Yes Yes Yes Yes KSH,SH,CSH Yes Yes Yes Yes Python Yes Yes Yes Yes Sendmail Yes Yes Yes Yes Web Server Information Starter Bronze Silver Gold Powerful Multi-CPU Yes Yes Yes Yes Cisco Routers Yes Yes Yes Yes UPS Power Back Up Yes Yes Yes Yes Generator Back Up Yes Yes Yes Yes 24/7 Network Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Detailed Web Usage Yes Yes Yes Yes Access to raw log files Yes Yes Yes Yes 24/7 Account access Yes Yes Yes Yes FTP Access Yes Yes Yes Yes TERMS AND CONDITIONS Billing begins on the date that a service is successfully installed or created and will be pro-rated accordingly on the invoice. Either you or Internet Communications Inc may terminate or cancel your membership at any time. You understand and agree that the cancellation of your account is your sole right and remedy with respect to any dispute with Internet Communications Inc. This includes, but is not limited to, any dispute related to, or arising out of: (1) any term of this Agreement or Internet Communications Inc's enforcement or application of this Agreement; (2) any policy or practice of Internet Communications Inc, including enforcement of acceptable Use Policy; (3) the content available through Internet Communications Inc or the Internet or any change in content provided through Internet Communications Inc; (4) your ability to access and/or use Internet Communications Inc; or (5) the amount or type of fees, surcharges, applicable taxes, billing methods, or any change to the fees, applicable taxes, surcharges or billing methods. You understand Internet Communications Inc is not required to provide notice prior to terminating your account for violating the terms and conditions, but it may choose to do so. Payment is due on the first day of service for each billing period. Accounts are in default if payment is not received within 5 days after the due date. If your payment is returned to us unpaid you are immediately in default and subject to a returned check charge of $25 from Internet Communications Inc. Accounts unpaid 10 days after due may have their service interrupted. Such interruption does not relieve you from the obligation to pay the monthly charge. Only canceling your membership relieves you of your obligation to pay the monthly account charge. Accounts in default are subject to an interest charge of the lesser of 1.5% per a month, or the maximum rate permitted by law, on the outstanding balance. Customer agrees to pay Internet Communications Inc. its reasonable expenses, including attorney and collection agency fees, incurred in enforcing its rights under these Terms and Conditions. Charges are billed to Members' credit cards or debit cards, as applicable, each month for service and any additional usage or service fees. Internet Communications Inc is not responsible for any charges or expenses (e.g. for overdrawn accounts, exceeding credit card limits, etc.) resulting from charges billed by Internet Communications Inc. You can cancel your membership by delivering notice to Internet Communications Inc's Customer Service Department as follows: Telephone: 1-503-848-8139 US Mail: Internet Communications Inc, 2850 SW Ceder Hills Blvd., Beaverton OR 97005-1393 Cancellation will take effect within 72 hours of receipt of your request, and Internet Communications Inc will send you email confirmation. If you cancel near the end of your billing period and are inadvertently charged for the next month's fee contact Internet Communications Inc at the number above to have the charges reversed. Internet Communications Inc reserves the right to collect fees, surcharges or costs incurred before you cancel your Internet Communications Inc membership. In addition, you are responsible for any charges incurred to third-party vendors or content providers prior to your cancellation. Email termination of membership account will not be accepted. In the event that your account is terminated or canceled, no refund, including any membership fees, will be granted; no online time or other credits will be credited to you or can be converted to cash or other form of reimbursement. Active Internet Communications Inc Members may not allow former Members or other agents whose memberships have been terminated to use their accounts. Any delinquent or unpaid accounts or accounts with unresolved issues with Internet Communications Inc must be concluded before you may re-register with Internet Communications Inc. Account usage must comply with the current Acceptable Uses Policy located at Upon registration, Members receive a username, password, and account designation. You and members of your household or business, if you have purchased a business account, are the only authorized users of your Internet Communications Inc account and must comply with this Agreement. You must keep your password confidential so that no one else may access the services through your account. You must notify Internet Communications Inc immediately upon discovering any unauthorized use of your account. Using a personal dial up account for high volume or commercial use (e.g., revenue generation, advertising, etc.) is prohibited. Members agree not to use any automatic method to avoid inactivity disconnection or to otherwise maintain a connection unless actively using it. Members agree not to provide any public information services over a dial-up connection. Internet Communications Inc bills for simultaneous logins on an account. This means that multiple users dialing into the same account, at the same time will incur additional charges. All usage plans are billed $0.50 per hour for the length of time all sessions overlap. The simultaneous usage charges are in addition to any other charges in effect for your account. Please note that you are responsible for recognizing when more than one person is logged in at the same time. Usage that is greater then 300 hours per a billing month shall require the account to upgrade to a 24 Hour Connection or wait until the next billing month to access the account. Internet Communications at it sole discretion may require an account to use 2 login ids per a billing month with each login ID limited to 150 hours. Self-Service accounts shall have a limit of 150 hour per a billing month. Any order for a domain transfer or new domain registration, the Domain Registration Agreement shall apply. This includes the hosting service, which may include using the domain transfer, or new domain registration services. Services which include web hosting have monthly transfer limits. Web services which transfer data over their limit will be charged the over usage limit listed on there web hosting plan. INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS INC MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND WITH RESPECT TO THE SERVICES OR THE SOFTWARE, WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, EITHER IN FACT OR BY OPERATION OF LAW. INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS INC. EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS INC DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE SERVICES OR SOFTWARE ARE ERROR-FREE OR THAT OPERATION OF THE SERVICES OR SOFTWARE OR INTERNET ACCESS WILL BE SECURE, UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR-FREE. NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY CONTAINED IN THIS AGREEMENT. NEITHER PARTY SHALL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE LIABLE TO THE OTHER PARTY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING LOST PROFITS, EVEN IF SUCH PARTY HAS BEEN APPRISED OF THE LIKELIHOOD OF SUCH DAMAGES OCCURRING. No party shall be liable to the other party for any costs or damages of any kind, including incidental or consequential damages, or for indemnification, solely on account of the lawful termination of this agreement, even if informed of such damages. Neither Internet Communications Inc nor Customer shall be deemed in default of this agreement if it's performance or obligations under this agreement are delayed or become impossible or impractical by reason of any act of God, war, civil disobedience or any other cause beyond the control of such party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a change in economic conditions or technology shall not be deemed a force major event. Internet Communications Inc may terminate this agreement effective immediately in the event of: i) Customer's insolvency, bankruptcy, receivership or dissolution; ii) Customer's actual or attempted assignment of this agreement or any of its duties under this agreement to another party; iii) Customer's breach or threatened breach of any provision of this agreement; iv) Customer's death or incapacity if Customer is a natural person. This agreement constitutes the entire understanding and agreement, and supersedes any and all prior or contemporaneous representations, understandings, statements, negotiations, proposals, undertakings and agreements, oral or written, between the parties with respect to the subject matter of this agreement. Any amendment or supplement this agreement shall be in writing. This agreement takes effect when accepted by Internet Communications in Oregon. It is to be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Oregon and the United States of America. The federal and state courts of the State of Oregon shall have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any non-arbitral dispute arising out of this agreement. Customer hereby expressly consents to (1) the jurisdiction of the courts of Oregon and (2) service of process being effective upon it by registered mail sent to the address set forth at the beginning of this document, as may be changed from time to time by written notice actually received by Internet Communications. Internet Communications will comply with all orders issuing from tribunals having jurisdiction over Internet Communications, and that such compliance could affect the services provided by Internet Communications to Customer. In the event either party in connection with this agreement, the prevailing party in such litigation, brings any litigation or other proceeding or other proceeding shall be entitled to recover from the other party all costs, attorney fees and other expenses incurred by such prevailing party in litigation. In the event that any provision of this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to judicial decree or decision, the remainder of this agreement shall remain valid and enforceable according to its terms.